eARC Review | Strings: A Love Story by Megan Edwards

Strings: A Love Story by Megan Edwards

Strings: A Love Story by Megan Edwards
Publication Date: September 12th 2017
ISBN13: 9781945501036
Publisher: Imbrifex Books
Pages: 210
Genres: Romance, General Fiction
Part of Series? No
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
Rating: ★★★

Goodreads Blurb: The Merino Rose. Ted Spencer has a hard enough time believing the celebrated violin really exists. To find it sitting on his coffee table is nothing short of incredible. The stuff of legend, the exquisite Guarnerius has been missing for centuries.
But even though the renowned instrument is a violin lover’s dream come true, it holds only heartache for Ted. The value of the Merino Rose may be beyond measure, but he has acquired it at too high a cost.
Ted found his soul mate when he met Olivia de la Vega his senior year in high school. In the school’s production of Camelot, Ted was cast as Lancelot, Olivia as Guenevere. They should have spent their lives together but strings got in the way–family ties, career objectives, and the tangled web of fate.
Will the Merino Rose bring the two star-crossed lovers together at last, or will their love always remain the melancholy sound of distant violins?

Genre- Romance


Introduction and plot

I hadn’t read a romance novel for a long time and when I saw this book on NetGalley I instantly requested for it because of its cover 😛 and the synopsis looked good too. But I have to say I was little disappointed. The story could have been turned out better.

The main protagonists of the story are Ted Spencer and Olivia de la Vega. The story follows their lives over decades of time, narrated by Ted.  Ted is a violinist and wants to pursue his career in this. He met Olivia in his senior year of High School in the 1960s and instantly fell in love with her. Ted was from a wealthy background while Olivia was the daughter of a  cleaning lady at the school. Despite their background differences, they planned to spend their lives together. But the fate was not with them and they got separated because of the family issues and Ted’s compassion for music.

The time forwards and they meet again after decades when both are doing good in their careers. They realize that after so many years their love for each other is still alive. But this time they were not able to get together because of their family commitments and career ambitions.

Will they meet again? Will they ever be got together? Why they got separated in the first place? And the second time?



Description and writing

The story was little weak for me in terms of character development. I never got to understand what was the main thing that attracted both Ted and Olivia towards each other. I guess the writer never explained properly what was the point of affection there. Being said that, it was good to see a story being told from a man’s PoV. This was really Ted’s story, his life, his relationships, and we got to learn about Olivia only through their interactions.


One of the major things to appreciate here is the use of music as the main theme. Ted always wanted to be a violinist in spite of his father’s disapproval. He wanted to have the long lost Stradivarius which was missing for centuries and suddenly it reappears. Besides love being the theme, there was a little suspense too for this missing Violin which was revealed in the last pages. I wished though that the Violin should have made a bigger part of the story. It was just a piece in the end and I don’t think it would have made a bigger difference in the story if it was not at all presented. This felt wrong as the main thing in the synopsis looked to be the violin and that should have some bigger role in the whole story.


This book started out slow for me but was fast paced later on. The story is not divided nicely into the present and the past. It was confusing many times and it took me seconds to realizes that the story has shifted from one time to another. I wish that this clarification was more subtle but I am glad that the story was all nicely wrapped-up in the end. The writing was simple. It doesn’t bore you or make the story tough to understand.

I generally love the romances, but with this, I felt that the basic plot of the story was repetitive – boy meets the girl with a different background, they fell in love but their families won’t approve and they got separated, they meet later on but still love each other. Like many other reviewers, I too believe that it could be made into a good movie. I think that a movie can do a proper justice to the story.



What I liked

  • Use of music as the theme of the story
  • Simple and enjoyable writing
  • Notion of true love and long-lasting love



What I didn’t like

  • The past and present pieces of the story were not differentiated properly.
  • Olivia’s character was shown little as compared to Ted and we only got to know little about her.
  • The role of Violin in the story was not explored enough.
  • There were many places where there was a need for more description about the turn of events.



Final Thoughts

It was a light and quick read and somewhat enjoyable too. There is this belief in this story that the true love can live long after the circumstances have separated two people. I believe that this notion alone will touch the hearts of many. This sort of book is best suitable when you just want to read without thinking too much and just want to simply enjoy the story during your break or on vacation.



Overall Rating

3 Star rating @FlippingThruthePages



Would recommend to

  • Readers who prefer short and quick read
  • People who believe in second chances
  • Who like to wonder about “what ifs”
  • Readers looking for quick summer read on vacations
  • People who believe in true love and love at first sight kind of things.





About the Author

Megan EdwardsMegan Edwards is the author of the travel memoir Roads from the Ashes, the humor book Caution: Funny Signs Ahead, and her debut novel Getting off on Frank Sinatra. She has lived and traveled extensively in Europe and spent nearly seven years “on the road” all over North America. Now at home in Las Vegas, Nevada, she is working on her next novel.



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