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Flipping thoughts: feelings of a new blogger

Hello folks! How are you all been? How is this week treating you? Mine is as always, tedious and boring. So, today I opened my blog for writing a post and I realized that today is the 2 month anniversary of my blog (if that is even a thing πŸ˜› ). Wow! That felt great you know. I never thought that I could have pulled this so far in spite of my busy schedule. But yes, here we are. I know, I know, you must be thinking CUM’ON, IT’S JUST 2 MONTHS, not 2 YEARS! But believe me, it felt as if I have already lived 2 years with it πŸ˜€

Being a blogger, we surf social media sites for many hours on the daily basis, as somehow it seems required to maintain the network. I usually surf many blogs for taking inspiration from them and ideas to make my blog better. While I was surfing one such blog today, I was kind of jealous (don’t hate me here folks πŸ˜€ ) because that blog was new too and yet it has a far large number of followers than I have. I know, it shouldn’t matter much, but yet being a book blogger I don’t think that there is anyone out there who don’t like the orange star or message symbol at the top of your special account when you log in. RIGHT? So this kept me thinking when I will get the audience that large?


Surely, like many of the other bloggers, I do have many concerns of my own, being a newbie here. So today, I want to discuss such concerns, while I can consider myself new (Yes being just 2 months count, right?)






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2 months of blogging. Feelings of a new book blogger on the block



1. Blog engagement

So this is the number 1 concern for every new blogger (at least for me). I mean, who creates a new blog just to write stuff when there is no one or are only a few persons to read it? Well, at some point everyone wants some recognition and appreciation, RIGHT? I know, it’s only been 2 months since I have started this blog, but it kept me thinking where am I doing wrong that people are not connecting, while there are hundreds of followers to other accounts. Right? I guess I will come to know that as the time progresses.

Do you know me?

I am a very impatient person in general. Connecting with every people that I follow is very difficult for me on the daily basis. I mean, I do have another job, right? I know, how much the networking is important especially when you are a new person on the block, and trust me I try to do as much as I can. But I can’t-do that like, 4-5 hours daily! Look, I am not trying to defend myself if it looks so, rather I am telling that this can be the reason for less engagement on my blog. Because I AM NO SAINT! But with this, I am really really thankful to those, who actually follow me and encourages me to keep this done. Thank you to all πŸ™‚



2. Managing the blog with full-time job

Well, I don’t know how many times I have already said that I actually am too busy in my day-to-today life. I have a regular job of 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. This is already tough, right? This only leaves weekend to me and you know weekends are always busy especially if you are married. But then too if you are a blogger and that too a new one, you try to achieve your blog goals on weekend. Every weekend I think that I will manage to schedule 3-4 posts for the coming weeks, but let me tell me, I HAVE FAILED MISERABLY! Yes, I always end up doing nothing. I think that I’ll post at 9 AM next day, but still, I always manage to post when half of the day is already over sigh. I guess that can be a pretty good cause for my reason 1. And let me tell you, my initial plan was to post this when I completed one month, but see I kept pushing it aside for a complete month!!

I am busy



3. Reading vs. reviewing speed

I am a slow reader and I know it. Whether this is just because of my original reading speed or maybe the lack of time, can’t say exactly. Where generally the bookworms read 2-3 books per week, I can hardly finish a single one?Β  But in my defense, I have things to say here:

  1. I just find time to read at night after coming from office and doing house chores.
  2. Sometimes I am too distracted by social media (you know its another job to check out your social networks on the daily basis, right?)
  3. Some reads are just tough (you have to agree with this) and take more time than an easy and breezy read.
  4. A few story just start slow and didn’t pick up that fast in the starting as you expected and you have to just drag yourselves to the better part.


I am slow

While my reading can be slow at times, I am even slower in reviewing the books πŸ˜€ Yes right. I think this is a problem with most of us book bloggers. While I try to write a review post for each book that I read immediately, at often times it doesn’t become possible. Even at times, I could have multiple books pending for review. And the thing is, I am even slower in writing the reviews. I usually spend too many hours writing a blog post and spent specific time on each minute detail. And when you work on your post with so much attention, then obviously your mind goes back to point 1, right?



4. What to post

Another big problem that each one of us faces often. So we are book bloggers, OKAY? And I guess it is primary to post reviews? I know this, but sometimes, you just don’t feel to post the same thing again and again. If you want your blog to grow, you can’t just post reviews, right? Your followers expect to see some different, versatile posts and I couldn’t agree more (while I am lacking in this department currently). But the problem is, what should we post? Well, I try to gather various post ideas that I can share with you all (yes I am working on them slowly πŸ˜› ). In my opinion, Pinterest is the best source for such inspiration posts.



5. Blog esthetics

Well, I don’t know about all of you, but this is a really important aspect for me. By blog esthetics here, I mean the basic blog design and how it looks. I am a software engineer and basically, some part of it involves working on websites. Technically, I don’t design websites, but I develop them. So I have seen many good website designs. But trust me, when it comes to a blog, the things are really different, especially when it’s your own. Before starting this blog, I searched for various themes which can be suitable. Literally, it took me a lot of time to find this theme, and yet at sometimes, I feel I am not 100% into it? Well, it’s okay for the time now, I guess (what do you think?)

Am I pretty?

If any of you noticed, I have changed my blog header a few days back and now I like it better. But now the thing is, I have to match all the other graphics as per the header and it’s a big task (and I haven’t yet got time for it πŸ™ ). But this is killing me right now, as I am lacking behind.



6. Possibilities to earn from blog

I am not sure if anyone of you has ever thought about this possibility or not, but I am thinking about it at some point. I have even considered making it a full-time thing at some point in my life (obviously when I’ll become that famous πŸ˜€ ). But the question is, what are the possibilities for it? How can I really monetize it? I am using the affiliate links but what else than that? And will I be able to income that much like other bloggers too? I know this is in the long run, but sure it bothers me sometimes.

Whatever tomorrow







Let's Chat


What do you think about these concerns? If you are new to blogging, do you feel perturbed too or do you have different concerns? But if you are not that new, did you had these concerns or any specific ones? If yes, what did you do to overcome these things? Please let me know in comments.





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  1. Evelina

    These problems are something every blogger ever has had at some point, and most simply keep having them πŸ˜€ the time one, especially. And I know that roughly ever two weeks I will come up to my boyfriend and whine that “my blog sucks and this and this teenager has 8 times more followers and it’s not faaaaaaair”.. haha. Since I’m international, it’s even harder to monetize, cause I can’t even have Amazon affiliate links, and the Book Depository one doesn’t really give anything at all. So monetizing is not the thing for me… if you want to think of monetizing, think about how much money you save on books because you get ARCs. But other than that… it’s for the enjoyment πŸ™‚ I don’t feel like I could go back to being blog-less…

    1. Post
  2. Evelina

    I have to post a second comment because this plugin breaks on my phone xD if I write a very long comment, the button disappears, lol. So here’s the other part of my comment:
    Also? I looked at your follower number through the WordPress app. You probably even have more because I don’t know your Bloglovin’ number. So guess what. I had less for maybe 7 months. You’re not doing bad at all. It’s just that you don’t have that many time to blog hop as those teens do. Or that’s what my boyfriend usually tells me, anyway πŸ™‚

    1. Post

      Haha yes may be you are right 😁 I am enjoying it at the moment though and the best thing is blogger like you who always make my day better by even considering to read something that I wrote πŸ˜ƒ Thank you ❀️

    1. Post
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  4. boundtowriting

    I agree so much with this post! I’ve only had my blog for a little over 2 months and I have felt every one of these things. You don’t realize how much time and effort it takes to create content and design your blog. I’m also a slow reader so it takes me forever to finish a book. Which is stressful. But we’ll continue to grow as long as we keep trying! 😊

    1. Post
  5. Post

    Yeah, right? I mean sometimes we have to think like multiple times even if we just finished the books. And don’t ask when the book is read like 2 months ago? πŸ˜€

  6. Darque Dreamer Reads

    Great post and points! I think you are doing a fabulous job and I enjoy your posts! Keep at it.

    Comment, comment, comment. I see the most activity returned on my blog when I comment on others.

    I have been considering joining the affiliate programs for amazon, barnes and noble, and book depository but have yet to do my research.

    I have been blogging since January and am still at under 600 followers and I have seen some people reach that in half the time. In my opinion, it is quality over quantity. I think the slower the count goes up the more chance you have of those people actually paying attention to your blog.

    1. Post
        1. Post
  7. Emma

    I have gone though so many of the same thoughts and worries. I have been blogging for a year and a half and gaining those initial followers is difficult, it takes time. But once you have some it becomes easier to stop caring about how many views or followers you have. I know some blogs newer than mine with 3x the amount of followers which is a bit annoying but just keep doing you and people will come.

    Time management is always going to be a problem but if you play around with it you will find something that works. I just cut back from three posts a week to two because I am too busy with my last year of high school. I always have a massive list of books to review because I am so slow at writing reviews, but if I am too busy to write a review or have somehow caught up on all my reviews I use a topic from a massive list I brainstormed last christmas including things based around season (e.g. christmas) or topical issues (e.g. diversity) along with my top book recommendations for different genres. I try to find things I will have a unique or relevant perspective on.

    The look of my blog always felt wrong until a few months ago and all I can recommend is keep trying different things. Your blog is looking A LOT better than mine did at two months old so I think you’re doing pretty well on this front. I try not to think about finances because book blogging is a pretty small niche and not many people are popular enough to make money off it. I do wish I could because I love blogging, but I doubt it will happen in the traditional sense. I think you’d be more likely to make money offering a side service like diversity reading drafts or a blog development course than from ad revenue.

    1. Post

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Yes, I am learning quite new things. Discussion topics are always better I think. They gain more engagement. I am having a bunch of discussion posts line up. I feel writing reviews are always a harder part than reading it 😐

  8. Shayna

    I don’t have ANY official followers yet, and only one friend who regularly reads my blog, and I have been doing this since February. So honestly, don’t worry – going through the same thing!

    1. Post

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