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The Whole Shebang by Lalita Iyer : Book Review

The Whole Shebang by Lalita Iyer
The Whole Shebang by Lalita Iyer: Sticky bits of being a woman by Lalita Iyer
Publication Date: September 10th 2017
ISBN13: 9789386432261
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Pages: 168
Genres: Nonfiction, Feminism
Part of Series? No
Format: Paperback
Source: Review Copy
Rating: ★★★½

Goodreads Blurb: The sparkling witty smart little black dress of books for women – The Whole Shebang will be invaluable if you are fumbling to find the right man, underwear or career. Lalita Iyer doesn’t do self-help but if you need a survival guide in your pocket, here it is – dating, relationships, money, sex, home, motherhood, friendship, body image, style, and other life skills – languid and real, this will make your journey through life a little wiser and funnier.

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My Review

This is my first attempt to review a non-fiction over here (I mean on my blog). I don’t normally read non-fiction, but I must admit that I have enjoyed every single of them that I have read. This book was no different. I pretty enjoyed it.

The first thing that attracts you towards this book is its title. It is a catchy one. Normally I find it little difficult to get hooked up into a non-fiction from the very first page. But this book was an exception on this parameter. It was right on the track from the very first page. This is a book by a woman, about women. It highlights some of the basic problems that women face on the daily basis and Lalita Iyer has presented them in a way that made you tickle.

This book is a collection of 17 essays, each dealing with a different topic. I have never laughed so hard by just reading the content page of any book (it’s not like I read the content page of every book 😛 ). There have been various topics discussed in each chapter including period drama, money management, child care, parenting etc.

The writing of the author is really easy. She has managed to involve the readers in the conversation. It makes the readers believe that they are not the only one facing a particular problem, rather there are many women having the same issues. The underwire thing was really hilarious. I mean I have some underwire bras but I actually never used them except one or two occasions. I could easily relate to her there. She made you laugh with her arguments, whether it is about body shaming or parental talk. She said

She makes you laugh with her arguments, whether it is about body shaming or parental talk. She said openly that though she loves her child, she also needs time for herself and she is not at all guilty for it. I think I can see what she wants to deliver here. Obviously, as part of being women, it’s our responsibility to take care of our child. But we need time for ourselves too. There should be no guilt in demanding sometime for yourself because your identity is not just your child but you.

She also talked about in-laws and it was really funny when she pointed out that the whole burden of “in-law” word is on mother-in-law 😀 It is kinda true, isn’t it? I mean, in every household, in every TV serial or even movies, they always represent mother-in-law as a culprit. I am not sure for how many people this is true but I guess for most of them it is true 😀

I was not a fan of Lalita Iyer’s sex talk part. She was right in her arguments but I was not comfortable with her views. My favourite chapter has to be Work Life Balance (or the art of playing office office). For most of the chapters, I could easily relate to her. It felt like -“Oh I have been there, I have done that”. Speaking of which, she has kept her conversations to the daily life problems which is really a good part of this book. However, there were some topics which I found repetitive like the body image talk, how you should lose your virginity as early as possible etc.



Final Thoughts

Apart from some small issues, this book is totally a breezy read which will make every girl feel badass 😀 It is funny and witty, yet realistic. The humour part is bang-on and doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for a quick and light-hearted read, then this is definitely the contender for your next read 🙂



Overall Rating

3.5 star rating @FlippingThruthePages






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Book review: The Whole Shebang by Lalita Iyer






About the author

Lalita IyerLalita Iyer is a journalist and columnist and has written on parenting, relationships, food and travel for Times of India, Indian Express, National Geographic Traveller, Midday, India Today, Vogue and others. She has written two books: “I’m pregnant, not terminally ill, you idiot!” (Amaryllis) and “The boy who swallowed a nail and other stories” (Scholastic). She has also contributed to two anthologies: “A book of light” (Speaking Tiger) and “Gifts of Teaching” (Scholastic). She was Managing Editor, Filmfare and Deputy Editor, Hindustan Times, where she also wrote the popular weekly column Chickwit.



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