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Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa - book Review

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Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa
Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa
Publication Date: May 5th 2017
ISBN13: 9781618138026
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Pages: 198
Genres: Fiction
Part of Series? No
Format: Paperback
Source: Review Copy
Rating: ★★★½

Goodreads Blurb: Shekhar Kapoor is a successful businessman who has never done a decent thing in his entire life. For him it is all about what he can get and how fast he can get it. He goes through life cheating and insulting people, even after he receives a mysterious telephone call from what is called the City of Justice. Ignoring the cryptic warnings, Shekhar continues to live his life as he pleases, until one day, shortly after insulting a beggar in the street, Shekhar crashes his car and is killed. And it is only when he is standing before the Bookkeeper, and being shown where his life had gone wrong, that Shekhar finally understands what life is all about. But is it too late for him? Can he be given another chance, to undo all the wrongs he has done? Or is there a chance that Shekhar Kapoor can find redemption where there had previously been no hope?

Book tag: Fiction
Book tag: Fantasy



Introduction & Plot

The word second chance is ambitious in itself, isn’t it? How many of us actually get a second chance for correcting our deeds? Perhaps, Shekhar Kapoor got his second chance.

This is a story about billionaire Shekhar Kapoor, owner of Aerowalk shoes. He did many wrong things to remain in the industry and is quite arrogant because of his money. He destroyed lives of many people because of his desires to always be on top. But then, something happens which he didn’t believe “can happen to him because he was rich”. Yes, the death!

He got several warnings from The City of Justice to correct his mistakes but he ignored them. Finally, he met a car accident and goes to The City of Justice. There the Bookkeeper shows him all his wrong deeds and the God of Justice punishes him and sens him to hell. But because of her mother’s prayers, he got a second chance. Will he b able to correct all his wrong-doings? Would he become an honorable and good man?



My Review

The description seems quite filmy, isn’t it? 😀 Actually it was reminding me of a Bollywood movie Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!, when I was reading it. Yeah, the plot was little different but the concept was almost similar! If this book made into a Hindi movie, then I am obviously going to cry, because I easily get emotional when watching sentimental dialogues 😀

The story is the classic tale of your Karmas. What you do comes back to you. I don’t know about you but I definitely believe this. Every good or bad thing that you do comes back to you, later or sooner. The author really has a vivid imagination. The picture of hell that the author has created is actually what we are listening from our grandparents and parents since our childhood. The description of the hell is very compelling. The chapters including The City of Justice are really entertaining and keeps you hooked throughout the story.

Author’s writing style is really simple and easy. It is flowy and you can easily feel yourself going with the story. The story was quite predictable in the second half as Shekhar Kapoor was trying to fix all his wrong-doings. Despite being predictable, the writing style of the author kept it interesting. Sometimes you need to just leave your judgment and need to enjoy the story 😀 Yeah? Also, the editing was poor in many places but I just ignored them for the sake of the story.

All the characters that the author has created feel realistic. Also, he has connected the characters very well. There is a mix of good and bad people and this is the kind that we get to meet on regular basis.

An interesting thing that author has mentioned in the story is  “The Day of Judgement”. I have seen this thing in movies but haven’t read anything about this topic so it made me curious. This day is when a person meets the God after their death and is decided whether they will go to hell or heaven based on their Karmas.

I really liked the part where the author described the various type of hells to which Shekhar was punished for 😀 The description made me like Eww.. but it was humourous and sarcastic.

Also, I didn’t like the cover at all. It just feels like some random image has been used. It should have been better considering the overall theme of the book.

This story makes you learn many things. It forces you to look back in your past and to see your doings. It forces you to correct the things that you can. The author has done justice to the title by creating an equally interesting story about the Second Chance.



Final Thoughts

Second Chance is a simple story told with a great narrative. This story is entertaining and sarcastic at the same time. If you’re looking to read something light-hearted and relaxing then I would definitely recommend it. It is the kind of book that gives you the satisfying feel.



Overall Rating

3.5 star rating @FlippingThruthePages


Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.



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