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Staying Legal Part 1 | Creating Your Blog’s Privacy Policy – Why, What and How?

Staying Legal Part 1 | Creating Your Blog’s Privacy Policy – Why, What and How?

Welcome to the next post in Blogging101 series. Today we are going to talk about how to stay legal with your blog. There are mainly two pages which you need in order to make your blog somewhat legal – Privacy Policy page and Disclaimers Page. Well, technically you can combine both of these things into a single page. In this post, we will talk about creating a Privacy Policy page for your blog (and next time we will talk about Disclaimers one).

7 Elements to Add for a Perfect Contact Page!

7 Elements You Should Add to Your Blog's Contact Page

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second post of the Blogging 101 series. Last time I talked about creating a perfect About page for your blog. This time let’s talk about creating a perfect Contact page. But before getting into the details about what to actually include, let’s get to a real question. Many of you will ask, is it really important to have a Contact page? The answer is: Yes and no. Really, it depends on what’s your requirement and how you want to take your blog further. For me, basically, the goal is to give a platform to my readers and viewers to ask any questions, to collaborators to collaborate and affiliates to contact me for their programs.

How to Write an About Page That Really Matters!

Write an about page that really matters

I want to start this topic by saying that “I don’t think I am an actual qualified person to write about this topic”. Also, you would probably get a number of guides which have already talked about this subject. So, you will ask: Then WHY? The answer is simple. I want to share my personal experience about that particular page which you might be ignoring to date! Your About page is the first and main page that any new visitor will visit on the first arrival. Hence it would have the most number of visits. And you certainly don’t want to leave a bad first impression, isn’t it?