My Reading Bucket list

My reading bucket list

Do you have a bucket list, especially for the bookish things? Like my travel bucket list (which I may share with you someday), I have a reading bucket list too, which I intend to complete (don’t ask about the time! ).

My bucket list is basically divided into three parts:

  • My ultimate bookish goals, that I intend to complete over my lifespan (God, that looks promising 😀 )
  • My yearly reading challenges, that I wish to (need to) complete by the end of each year.
  • My eternal (basically never-ending) #TBR pile, which includes all the books that I own (physical/Kindle) and are waiting for me to read them! 😛






My ultimate bookish goals

I believe that everyone has an Ultimate reading goal (of course, only the readers). Some like to read all the books of a particular author, while others have some other goals. For me, there are currently (yes, because this list can be increased!) six ultimate bookish goals which I intend to complete during my lifespan (maybe I am Immortal 😀 ). Full details here.



Yearly challenges

Apart from my ultimate bookish goals, there are some challenges too which I intended to do yearly. This section will include all such challenges. Sometimes I create the challenges myself and sometimes I use the already available ones like #popsugarreadingchallenge and AtoZ challenges. Find my complete list of yearly challenges here.




My eternal (basically never-ending) #TBR pile

Well, I guess this is the problem of every book lover #bookwormproblems We love to read books as well as collect them and actually the latter’s number is always greater than the former 😀 So in this section, I have noted down all the books that I own, whether it’s a physical copy or an ebook. I hope that someday I can achieve this goal and there is no book pending in my #TBR pile (well, except the recent purchases)! Find the complete list here.






Let's Chat

Do you also have any kind of bookish goals? If yes, then please comment below. Maybe, I could find some new ones!!




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      Hi Aman! I used to read before but started taking it seriously just at the start of this year. I can’t tell which is my the favourite one, because its really difficult to choose one 😉 But Harry potter is definitely one of the top contenders.

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