Seven Books I’m Thankful For!


Happy Tuesday guys! After skipping a few weeks, I am back and today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Books I’m Thankful For (Happy Thanksgiving week in the USA!). But as you can see from the title, that today I have just a list of 7 titles (I hardly managed these too 🙁 ).
I wish Happy Thanksgiving to all the people in the US and all those who celebrate it 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. So let’s see which are the books I am thankful for.

Book Review | Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa | Do you believe in second chances?

Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa - book Review

The word second chance is ambitious in itself, isn’t it? How many of us actually get a second chance for correcting our deeds? Perhaps, Shekhar Kapoor got his second chance.

This is a story about billionaire Shekhar Kapoor, owner of Aerowalk shoes. He did many wrong things to remain in the industry and is quite arrogant because of his money. He destroyed lives of many people because of his desires to always be on top. But then, something happens which he didn’t believe “can happen to him because he was rich”. Yes, the death!

Book Review | A Window to Her Dreams by Harshali Singh | What it takes to be a survivor?

A Window to Her Dreams by Harshali Singh

There are some books which make you feel happy and leaves you with a light mood. Then there are a few which are on difficult topics and make you want to discuss the theme. And finally there are a few ones which neither have a difficult topic nor the entertaining one, but yet they make you question your surroundings and beliefs. A Window to Her Dreams falls in the last category.