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Here, at FlippingThruthePages I take the privacy of my readers and followers seriously and consider them very important. I am a Software Engineer myself, so you can trust me while I say these words šŸ™‚ I have tried to compile aĀ list below, containing various aspects of privacy which may concern you. Please read them carefully to understand this blog better.






Information thatĀ I collect

Here, generally, your information is collected when you do one of the following:

  • Subscribe to my blog for newsletter (which is awesome ā™„)
  • Contact me through a form onĀ Contact meĀ page
  • Requested for a review by filling out the form onĀ Review RequestĀ page
  • Take part in any giveaway listed here
  • Put your information while posting comments on my posts


In each of these options, generally, you need to enter your name, email address and website (if applicable).Ā In the case of giveaways, I will collect other information like your address too. Also, if you are an author or a publisher then you need to fill out some extra details, as applicable.

Whatever is the case, I will never give out the address or personal information of someoneĀ to someone else, except if I am hosting a sponsored giveaway. In that case, I’ll need to send yourĀ address to the sponsor which will be sent only after your confirmation (generally via email).

As soon as the giveaway is finished, I don’t keep the winner’s address or any private informationĀ with me. They are just used for the purpose of shipping and are deleted afterward.

Well, your personal details like email, name etc. will be used to sendĀ regular updates on the basis of those details, if you are subscribed to my newsletter, for sending responses to your queries/questions and to approve/disapprove your requests.




Yes, cookies are being used on this website for the better usability of the site visitors. They are basically used to record the visitors’ site preferences based on theirĀ current or previous site activities.

It’s up to you to allow cookies in a particular browser or not. You can turn them off whenever you want.Ā But it’s advised to leave them onĀ so that aĀ better site experience can be provided to you.



External Links

Occasionally, I may include some third-party or external links. Please note that those external links will have their own privacy policies, for which I am not responsible in any manner. But you are always welcome to give any such feedback, in case you feel there is some issue.



My Affiliates

I am an Amazon affiliate and sometimes I put links in my book reviews that will direct you to Amazon and I will receive a very small (maybe I could purchase my next book) percentage if you BUY something. If you shop at Amazon, I would really appreciate when you shop through my links, of course, if I convinced you to purchase a book or you are a fan of my blog (or even me šŸ˜› )!



Children Online Privacy Protection

I do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. This blog is not directed to children under the age of 13.

If you are 13 and want to enter in any giveaway, kindly ask your parent or guardian to do it for you. If you are a parent and you feelĀ that there is some information related to your child below the age of 13 is stored here, kindly contact me as soon as possible and I will try to do my best to remove any such information.



Plagiarism Policy

Please, and it’s a request, do not take anything from this blog without my permission. I have put a lot of effort and research into building this blog and want you to appreciate it rather than doing plagiarism. If you want to use something then please link back to me so that I can know that it not a plagiarised activity. And yes, I’ll do the same.

If you ever think or find that I am a victim of plagiarism or I’m the one who has accidentally plagiarised something, then please do let me know. It really means a lot šŸ™‚







By using FlippingThruthePages, you hereby consentĀ to my privacy policies and agree to all the terms mentioned.

In the case of any queries please Contact meĀ or leave a comment below.




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