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Please Note: I am currently NOT accepting any review requests.

Hello and thank you for showing your interest in Flipping Through the Pages and considering me to review your book. This can be a bit long, but it’s very important to me that you read and understand my review policies so that we both can avoid confusions and can save our times.

As a book reviewer, I always try to provide the best and honest review that I possibly can. The reviews are not affiliated or even influenced by anything. Please read my FTC disclaimer to clear this.

All the reviews will be posted on this blog as well as on Goodreads and Amazon. However, it’s not guaranteed to be a detailed one, if I didn’t like it enough. Also, I will share relative links to my Social Media accounts.


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Acceptable Formats

I will only accept print copies of books/ARCs. Also, please note that I live in India so kindly contact me only if you are able to send the copy all the way to India.



Genres I will accept

I generally read everything, as I am trying to read books in diverse genres.  However, there are a few genres which I particularly like:

  • Contemporary (Romance, Women’s fiction)
  • YA
  • Science Fiction
  • Middle Grade
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery & Thrillers (very selective)
  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Indian Mythology (very selective)


However, if your book doesn’t fall within any of these genres, then feel free to send me a request. If I would be interested, then I would accept it.



Genres/books that I will NOT accept

    • Nonfiction
    • Religious
    • Horror
    • Self-help
    • Political
    • Sequel to a series that I haven’t read yet (if this is the case then kindly provide the previous books in series as well)



Accepting the book for review

If you have read about me before heading to this page, then you must have known that I do have a full-time job. I read and review just of a hobby and I do it in my free time. I reserve the right to decide whether to review the book or not and to decline your request if the plot doesn’t seem interesting or for some other reason. So keeping this in mind, I would like to say that sending me a review copy does not always guaranty a review, but I will do post a review for each and every book that I’ll read. If I will accept any review then I will contact you regarding the same within 5 days and I expect you to do the same while replying.



Possible timeframe

I will try my best to read all the books in a designated time. I have my own stack of books that I need to finish too. So, I will not accept those books for which I can’t meet the deadlines.

Generally, it is advisable to provide the book for review before 1-2 months in advance to the publication date. If the book is already published, then it may take up to 2 months to read and review it.

I reserve the right to not finish your book. If this happens then I will e-mail you and let you know the reason, and will not post any further updates/reviews.



After not liking the book

It’s not necessary that there is always a positive review, but in case its negative then I’ll clearly state the reasons for it. Receiving a free copy doesn’t affect my review in any manner, and at the end, all the thoughts will be honest and fair and I will try to be as sincere and polite as I can. And yes, I don’t usually DNF the books, no matter how much time it takes to finish it 🙂



Rating system

For my rating system, please check my Rating Scale page.



Non-review things I’m interested in

  • Author Interviews
  • Blog Tours (only if I am interested in the book being promoted)
  • Giveaways (only of books which I have read or reviewed)
  • Guest blogging (I am open to guest blogging on other sites, and also I am willing to accept guest bloggers who are related to my site content or topics).


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Interested in having your book reviewed?

If you agree with all the above policies and guidelines and are interested in having your book reviewed here on Flipping Through the Pages, please fill out the review request form by clicking following button:

Request a Review

**Note: I will not accept any review request sent directly to my email because it makes it difficult to organise things with my job.


If you have any questions related to my review policy, please feel free to Contact me or comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading and stay connected! ♥


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