Quotes Friday

Quotes Friday is an original monthly meme created here at Flipping Through the Pages (unless stated otherwise) in July 2017. Who doesn’t like to read good quotes? I do and I am sure you do too. I created this meme so that I can share some of my favourite quotes from each book that I read.

On a particular Friday of the month, I will pick a book and will share all my favourite quotes from that book. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the book read in that month only. It can be any book that I read in past. I will try to present the quotes in the order they appeared in the book, so that they can form the complete story (sort of).

Everyone is welcome to join here. You can post quotes from your choice of book each week and you can include my graphic or can create a new one, but all I ask is please do link it back to my post, so that more and more people can join and can have fun!!

Once this meme is famous or if some people started following it, I can try adding the linkups. But for now, you can post the link of your Quotes Friday post for that month in comments section of that particular post of mine, so that others can see it.


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