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Monthly Wrap-up | February 2018

Monthly Wrap-up February 2018

So you know how every month I say that it went too quickly? Well not this month, absolutely NOT! February was one of the dreaded months that I have in quite some time. I was just waiting for this month to be over somehow and I am glad that finally, it DID! Especially when you have a great first month of the year, it feels bad to have the next one as bad as this 🙁 You’ll ask why? Because most of the month I was in a slump and I know why or how. I had no motivation to read. I barely finished 3 books comparing to 8 last month? Okay enough of babbling, let’s see all the things in details!

Monthly Wrap-up | September 2017

Monthly wrap-up September 2017

I know its already been 4 days since September finished and I am little late for my wrap-up post. But life is kinda playing- I was travelling last week so all my schedule just got jumbled up 😀 I was not able to read more, my husband got sick in the middle of the month, then we had our trip planned for the last weekend, most of my time was focused on creating good graphics for my blog? So overall, the reading time just got cut and I just read 4 books 🙁 September was a tricky month for me. Let’s go further into the details.

Monthly Wrap-up | August 2017

Monthly Wrap-up : August 2017

Okay! I know I am saying this again, but is August really finished? Where did the time go? It’s like I am aging really fast 😀 Nevertheless, this month was kind of Okay for me – no big activities, medium number of reads etc. Overall, a quiet month. I am a day late for posting by monthly wrap-up, but what can I say? Life is being bi*ch 😀 Let’s see what I concluded this month.

Monthly Wrap-up | July 2017


Ahh.. so July just finished! I don’t understand how the time flies by. It was literally like the first day of July yesterday and there was my birthday and now it’s finished? But overall, this month was good enough for me and here I am concluding my monthly recap for the month of July, on last day 🙂 This is not just an update of my bookish things, rather a complete package including non-bookish things too.