Ultimate Bookish Goals

My ultimate bookish goals

The ultimate bookish goals!! Doesn’t these sound as some heavy words? Well, they are but not anymore for me 🙂 As I have mentioned in my bucket list that every reader has a bookish goal, so do I. But the difference is I have not a single one but many.

So, how do you define if a goal is an ultimate bookish goal or not? For me, a goal that you intend to achieve over your lifespan, instead of achieving it in any particular time period, fall into this category (but yes, our life is also a limited time period 😛 ).






My ultimate bookish goals list

So after much consideration, I have decided that I have to achieve following goals during my lifetime (it may change later 😛 ):

  • Reading the World: This is about reading a book from each country. The books should be written by the author of that country.
  • The Agatha Christie Reading List: I am in awe with this lady. The day that I came to know about this lady, I wanted to read all her books. Though at the time of writing this article, I haven’t read any of her work, still I am confident that she is going to be my favourite.
  • Rory Gilmore Reading List: Who doesn’t like “Gilmore Girls”? Probably no one! I love the show so much. When I came to know that there is a list which contains all the books read by Rory in the show, then I instantly added it to my ultimate bookish goals.
  • Reading the India: I am a proud Indian. India has diverse cultures and a huge literature background. This challenge involves reading a book from each state and union territory in India.
  • Goodreads – 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime: According to Goodreads and Amazon, these are the top 100 books that every reader should read once in his/her lifetime. This is based on the Goodreads’ users vote.
  • 100 Classics to Read in a Lifetime: I am so behind on classics. So this challenge includes reading these 100 classics that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.


I wish to finish them as soon as possible, but you know, the lists are too long. Hopefully, I can achieve them sometime soon 😛






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Do you have any bookish goal from these mentioned above? Or do you have others? If yes, then please comment below. Maybe, I could find some new ones!!




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